Survivor: India
Season 4
Winner Jacob (Survivor233)
Opening Sequence
KidA's Survivor India Intro01:07

KidA's Survivor India Intro

Previous Season Survivor: Wild West
Next Season Survivor: Spain

Survivor: India was the 4th season in KidA's Survivor Series . Casting began on April 13th, and ended on April 16th.  26 people applied, and 10 were cut from the casting process. The season began shortly after, on April 20th. 

Survivor: India featured a cast of sixteen brand new castaways, split into two tribes of eight. It was the first season to feature the Viewer's Lounge, who were able to see player's confessionals and comment on everything happening in the game. Due to the addition of the Viewer's Lounge, the award "Player of the Season" was added, and was based off of the viewer's opinions.

Survivor: India also featured a brand new twist, The Viper Idol . The Viper Idol held all the features of a regular Hidden Immunity Idol, but allowed the player to "poison" another player, giving them an addition vote at their next two tribal councils. It was a well-received twist, having the potential to change the game.  Overall, Survivor: India was met with a great critical response due to vibrant characters and game changing moves. The Viper Idol became vital to the course of the game during the late phases of the merge, making it an effective twist. Jacob was also a well-received winner for playing a heroic, smart, patient game. Finally, the addition of the Viewer's Lounge was very popular and enhanced the overall quality of the season. 


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes
Max Manipur 1st Voted Out
Day 2
Jacob S. Assam 2nd Voted Out
Day 4
Patricia Assam 3rd Voted Out
Day 6
Antonio Manipur 4th Voted Out
Day 8
Martin Manipur Manipur 5th Voted Out
Day 10
Austin Manipur Assam 6th Voted Out
Day 12
Logan Assam Manipur Goa 7th Voted Out
Day 14
Ryder Assam Assam 8th Voted Out
1st Juror
Day 16
Jimmy Assam Assam 9th Voted Out
2nd Juror
Day 18
Leah Assam Manipur 10th Voted Out
3rd Juror
Day 20
GerardAvi2 Gerard Assam Assam 11th Voted Out
4th Juror
Day 22
Tyler S. Manipur Manipur 12th Voted Out
5th Juror
Day 24
Eric Assam Manipur 13th Voted Out
6th Juror
Day 26
Ty Manipur Assam 14th Voted Out
7th Juror
Day 28
Sean S. Manipur Manipur Runner-Up 2
Jacob Manipur Assam Sole Survivor 2

^1  Logan played his hidden immunity idol on Patricia, negating 4 votes cast against her.
^2 After a deadlock tie between Logan and Eric, the Purple Rock tiebreaker was used, eliminating Martin.
^3  Ryder played his hidden immunity idol, negating 5 votes cast against him.
^4 Gerard played his hidden Viper Idol, negating 1 vote cast against him. He then poisoned Tyler.
^5 Tyler played his hidden Viper idol, negating 3 votes cast against him. He then poisoned Ty.
^6 Eric played his hidden immunity idol, negating 1 vote cast against him.

The GameEdit

# Episode Immunity Voted Out Vote Finish
1 Starting from Scratch Assam Max 7-1 16th Place
2 Payback's a Bitch Manipur Jacob S. 4(IDOL)-4 15th Place
3 Play the Damn Game! Logan Patricia 4-3 14th Place
Martin Antonio 5-1-1 13th Place
4 Out of My Hands Assam Martin 2-2-1-1 / 2-2 / Rock 12th Place
5 Slimy Little Bug Manipur Austin 4-1-1 11th Place
6 Dropping Like Flies Eric Logan 5(IDOL)-4-1 10th Place
7 A Butter Jury Member Jacob Ryder 5-4 9th Place
8 He'll Eat His Words Leah Jimmy 5-2-1(IDOL) 8th Place
9 Everybody Loves an Underdog Tyler Leah 5-1-1(IDOL) 7th Place
10 Headache Jacob Gerard 3-3(IDOL)-1 6th Place
11 Stir Up Trouble Jacob Tyler 4-3 5th Place
13 Imploded Ty Eric 3-1 4th Place
Jacob Ty 1-0 3rd Place
Jury Vote: Sean 5-2 Runner Up
Jacob Sole Survivor

Voting TableEdit

Credit to Sean for the elimination table. Click to enlarge. 

India ET

Seasonal ItemsEdit

Returning PlayersEdit

Sean S. represented India in Survivor: Tuvalu, where he placed 1st.

Jacob, Gerard and Leah represented India in Survivor: All-Stars, where they placed 12th, 14th and 7th respectively.

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