Ghost Town
Survivor Gameplay
Description A twist enabling players to re-enter the game after dueling another eliminated castaway.
Appearance(s) Wild West

Ghost Town was a major twist featured in Survivor: Wild West. This is it's only appearance in KidA's Survivor: Series so far.  


Ghost Town is similar to Redemption Island in that players may battle in order to re-enter the game. After two castaways are eliminated, those two castaways battle in a duel. The duels vary in their format or type, but the results are always the same; the loser is eliminated completely, while the winner returns to the game. 


Wild WestEdit

In Survivor: Wild West, the twist allowed three contestants to re-enter the game, with the final duel consisting of five castaways. 

In the first duel, Alex and Tayvie fought to receive trends on a blog - Alex ultimately won the challenge, and was sent back into the game. He was not voted out again, until Day 28, where he received 3rd place. 

In the next duel, Kelly and Jake dueled. Since Kelly was banned from Tengaged, Jake ultimately won the duel, and was sent back into the game, until he was voted out on Day 24, receiving 7th place. 

In the final duel, Sara, Nick, Adam, Kayleigh Jai, and Justin battled in an endurance duel. Justin came out victorious, and re-enter the game at the merge, until he was voted out on Day 28, receiving 4th place. 

Opponents WInner
Alex & Tayvie
Jake & Kelly
Sara, Nick, Adam, Kayleigh Jai, & Justin


During the second challenge of the season, the Liyona tribe bought a 3-part twist that would change the game. It was revealed that the 3rd part of the twist would see the return of Ghost Town for the first two eliminations. Stephen and Jordan were the first two eliminated, and were sent to Ghost Town. For their duel, they competed in a classic Fire-breaker Tie Breaker, where Jordan emerged victorious. 

Opponents Winner
Stephen & Jordan

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